Monday, February 1, 2016

...And Prune 'til Done

Now that the backyard roses and grapevine are pruned for the coming season, it's time to move on to the front.

The front yard rose garden has really suffered the effects of our prolonged California drought. Not so much from lack of water, directly, but from the effects of it.

The deer, driven by an extreme lack of water and food up in the hills came down and used our front rose garden as a feeder.

My Julie Newmar rose? Completely gone, killed off by the hooved invaders.

The rocks hiding my grass barrier have been knocked about by the venison hordes.

Oh well, it's ok. They were desperate and I was looking for a place to put a new rose I want to plant.

In the meantime, loppers's time to prune.

There we go.  Still have to fix the rocks but that will come later.

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Darryl Musick

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