Thursday, August 6, 2015

MacGyvering the Garden

We call my wife Momgyver because she's always coming up with little solutions for problems that pop up. Today, I did a little Dadgyvering in the garden.

Inspecting my spray patterns, I noticed that the water was going right over the top of my onion plant. I tried to get the leaves of that bougainvillea to cover the sprayer but it would not stay there.

No problem, I got this little fly swatter someone gave us that is completely useless for killing flies but it makes a great screen to catch the water and direct it to the onion's roots.

Also, easy propagation...

When a branch breaks off the plumeria, instead of throwing in in the green waste can...

...just stick it in the ground or a pot.

After filling with potting soil, I stick the branch in.

Watered in, it will soon sprout and become a new plant.

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