Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What You Gonna Do With Those Shoes?

Every gardener needs a good pair of shoes. Not only for protection against any thorns you might drop in trimming but also working around rocks and power tools.

I'm the Cheapskate, so I'm not going to buy a pair strictly for gardening. I just use my oldest pair of tennis shoes. They go to the bottom of the totem pole and become my gardening shoes.

My shoe totem pole is like this: a pair of dress shoes for work, a good pair of brown tennis shoes for traveling (which can be acceptable in most dress situations on the road and also be comfortable), another pair just for casual use, and my gardening shoes.

As the top rung of the shoes get replaced by new pairs, all the others move down a rung.

I've been in need of replacing my work dress shoes and the brown tennis shoes but, again, I'm the Cheapskate so I wait for Famous Footwear to have one of their Buy On Get One 50% off sale.

Finally, they started the sale this week so I'm replacing the top two pairs of shoes. That means everybody else moves down a rung on the ladder.

Time for one more trip around the yard for my trusty New Balance 659s. I've probably had these 15 years.  I need them especially when I'm mowing the lawn with my mower.

Well, that's it. Thank you for your service.

To the bottom of the barrel you go.

Welcome to the next pair of gardening shoes. I hope you give me as good as service as the pair you replaced.

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