Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oh, Deer...and Other Assorted Pests

Over the weekend, my wife caught this deer in my neighbor's yard, helping itself to the colorful buffet. Shoo'd off, we laughed a bit and and said "at least they don't know where we live."

Only 99 Cents!

Yesterday, I found this...

...munched off buds on our front yard rose garden. At least I won't have to deadhead this batch this weekend. 

I guess we're not as off-the-radar to the deer as we thought. Does make me hungry for venison, though...

Then, our tomatoes were doing so well. Weighed down with soon-to-ripen fruit, I couldn't wait for the delicious bounty.

We found this...some creature of the night (either a raccoon, opossum, or skunk) dug 'em up and took the fruit. I salvaged one green tomato that I will fry up.

My wife replanted them and a few days later, they look like they might survive.

Last, I looked out our bedroom window and found a squirrel helping himself to our zucchini plant. I scared him off but he got most of it.

We live right next to the mountains and are in the worst drought of my lifetime here in California. I guess a lot of the wildlife are streaming down, looking for water and food.

Hopefully, we can get something of a crop even with the new population of pests this year. 

What do you do to keep these critters out of your garden?

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