Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Old Man Winter Never Got Old

OK, I guess I have to admit we're never going to get a freeze this year. Our winter turned out to last all of three days, maybe four if you push it, and it never dropped below 45 degrees (F).

I'm sitting here a week before the official start of spring, temperatures should hit 90 by tomorrow. Like the governor, I'm officially declaring the end of winter and an early spring.

Time to get back to work...

I've cleaned out the west wall and dumped a bag of Amend in it. This is an organic soil and soil amendment. How can you tell it's really organic? Just follow your nose.

Now that I've got that wonderful barnyard smell worked into the soil, let's plant.

I had a tough time with the tomatoes started from seeds last year. This year, it's a couple of buck-99 hybrid seedlings from Lowe's.

They pop in easy enough.

I will be growing most everything else from seed, though.  My wife found this little seed starter kit somewhere deep in the garage. It even comes with a free sample of fertilizer.

Each cell is a biodegradable square with a pellet of dried potting mix.  I water it and wait for the mix to expand.

Today, I'm planting onions, zucchinis, and...for the first time...I'm going to try some cantaloupe.

The onions are on the left and I'm putting in 2 zucchini seeds in each cell. Let them duke it out and I'll keep the best 2 or 3 plants to transplant.

Same with the cantaloupe.  Once planted, I'll put it on top of the whiskey barrel where I plant to transplant it later.

One last test of the sprinkler pattern then I'll count this job as done.

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