Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn...

It's my least favorite gardening chore to do. Mowing the lawn is like doing the laundry...no matter how much you do it, you're going to have to do it again.

This week was a little extra painful. My schedule is to mow every two weeks. Last weekend...the due date...we had a (dry) year's worth of rain over the course of three days.  With the deluge, lightning, and thunder, I didn't want to become a human lightning rod.

So I waited one more week.

Now, I've got a very thick and shaggy lawn in need of a haircut. The picture at the top shows what three weeks of growth looks like on this lawn.

I won't begrudge you if you hire a gardener to do your lawn. Heck, I had a gardener at my old house where the backyard grass went on forever but with my tiny 500 square foot front yard, I really can't justify a gardener or even a riding mower.

Plugging in my string weed whacker to a 100 foot extension cord, I get to work on trimming the edges. I'll sweep that debris back onto the grass before mowing.

Next, it's just slogging through the grass with my lawn mower. I've just got a basic Craftsman from Sears but I'm happy I opted to go with the large back wheels, which are much easier to push through the thatch.

Still, it took about 6 stops to empty that bag of clippings to get the job done this week.

After all the effort, I must admit the front yard looks pretty sharp. Until another two weeks...

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