Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Previews at Cheapskate Farms

Our last post showed you what we picked this week, this post will show you what's coming soon.

The future is all about chiles. So is the present, as a matter of fact.  This one is a very hot one that I do not know the name of. We got the seeds from a batch of chiles my wife's uncle grew. I just know that it is delicious and the hottest chile in our garden.

These jalapenos will be ready soon too. We're growing them in a pot on the patio.

Way, way down on the heat fact, they have none...are the bell peppers who make up for the lack of heat with their great flavor. I love growing this and they make for a great, late harvest food.

While our heirloom tomatoes are still taking their sweet time setting fruit, this cherry tomato in a hanging basket will be ripe soon.

In other news, a branch of our plumeria broke off.

Here is a closer look. This is quite common, they are very brittle, but you can stick the broken stem in the ground and it will grow into a new plumeria tree.


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  1. We can't grow Plumeria here, although I would love to be able to. Now you tell me you can get it to root so easily, I am convinced I need to move somewhere warmer. Our outdoor cherry toms are ripening here, but your chillies and peppers are way ahead of ours. Enjoy them!

    1. We have three plumerias now. We started with one, then every time a branch broke off, we'd stick it in the ground and...voila!...another plumeria plant.