Thursday, May 2, 2013

While the Cheapskate's Away...

We've been on an island in the Caribbean for a week, it's always interesting to see what the garden's been doing while we've been away. To start, the last cymbidium of the season bloomed, this yellow one above.

The zucchini plants will keep their place as the first to be harvested, I'm sure, but the radishes are also giving them a run for their money.

Our cornfield has grown a foot while we've been gone.

This hanging dendrobium is really doing well.

The plants have been behaving well but the weeds are sneaking back in. A pinch at the base of the plant is all it takes to get it out, roots and all.

This single rose has really broken out the blooms...

...but it looks like another deadheading session is in this weekend's plans.

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  1. Fun! It's exciting to see what happens while away. I'm curious what my garden will be like after my week away.