Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Plant Cleans Up Real Good

My bougainvilleas seem to be real popular among visitors to this blog. I don't blame you, they're very beautiful and, if contained, can be pretty easy to maintain.

This week, it's a quick and simple chore for the bougainvilleas...just a quick haircut.

These tropical plants get shocked each winter even by our mild Southern California winters and end up with a lot of rangy, dead-looking wood. When the plants come back from their shock, it's a good time to trim up the worst of it for nothing more that asthetics (the dead-looking wood is actually alive but will still be rangy when it comes back).

Once I know that the plant is growing vigorously again and won't get shocked by cutting, I just snip back to the first growth I see on the stem. 

Once I'm finished, I have a pretty and neat looking patio plant.

You can also see this plant in background of last week's Cocktail Hour video at my other blog, The World on Wheels travel blog.

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