Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Rose Parade Comes to the Cheapskate's Garden

Our first major bloom of roses hit this week in the Cheapskate's garden. Above is 'Perfect  Moment,' just about my favorite, sitting in the front yard garden.

It has spectacular orange and red flowers that seem to glow, like that perfect moment of sunset filmakers like to call the "Golden Hour."

Check out the size of this pink bloom compared to my hand. Sometimes we get flowers at big as plates during the first bloom, can't wait to see how big 'Mr. Lincoln' is next week.

This yellow beauty is named after the best Catwoman. It's 'Julie Newmar.'

In the backyard, the first to bloom is always 'Double Delight.'

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All Rights Reserved


  1. And what a great parade that is!! You have some beautiful healthy roses there Darryl - I particularly like Double Delight.

  2. Double delight is a delight. It went through a bad patch for a couple of years. Don't know what made it grow so spindly and weak but it looks like it's making a good comeback.