Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dendrobiums are Dandy

One of the all-time easy to grow orchids are dendrobiums. They're also very beautiful, giving you more bang for the buck than any orchid I can think of.

Since they're epiphytic, they grow exceeding well in soil that is composed solely of bark chips. 

You can grow them in a pot, like our fragrant dendrobium kingiana above...

or in a hanging basket, like this white dendbrobium.

Ours easily handle several night of 28 degree temperature each year with no ill effects at all and they grow like weeds. I divide or repot them every three years and the cuttings easily grow into new blooming plants themselves.

I said they were among the easiest to grow, here is the easiest orchid to grow, our bletilla orchid now in bloom too. 2 months of gorgeous blooms every year and I do absolutely take care of them. They just pop up at the end of winter, bloom through spring, and go dormant in fall.

You can see my post on bletilla culture here.

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