Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Week In The Cheapskate's Garden...

A few chores and more blooms. As the heat is getting up there...91 degrees today...more plants are coming back to life...

I had wanted to shape this lavender plant during the off season but never got around to it. For now, it'll just be a free form shape.

When we first bought this lantern vine, the nursery told us "full sun." It never really did well there.

We've since seen other lantern vines in shade gardens, so my wife transplanted this one to the shade. We'll see how it does.

More camellias in bloom. With this heat, they'll soon be done.

This burnt-copper color bougainvillea is a newcomer to the garden, we're hoping it'll do well. It's first flush of flower bracts is promising. 

And we'll end it with our bright red bougainvillea. In a couple of months, these thorny vines will provide most of the background color to our back wall garden.


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  1. Woah that's warm - it's still snowing here in sunny Norfolk, UK. Love the lantern vine and lucky you being able to grow Bougainvillea outdoors!

  2. Very hot!! That's a lovely Camellia and I do hope your lantern vine thrives in it's new home. Wintery showers here in Scotland today - it's not so cold, which is a plus!!

  3. Forgot to get it water when transplanted. Put a dripper on it today, we'll see how it does. I have yet to get to Scotland but a friend I work with loves it. It's his favorite destination. Hope to see some spring pictures from all over the U.K. soon.