Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Patching up the Patch - Our Weekly Chores

It's a light gardening weekend in the Cheapskate's patch this weekend. Starting with weeding. First, is an interesting one. One that some people would value as a volunteer. Above is Nicotiana bigelovi, also know as Indian tobacco. It's a California native and was used to smoke (still is in some places) in ceremonies or just to pass time.

It has fairly showy white flowers and can grow 6-7 feet tall in a gangly, thin bush. Some people want it but I don't want it in this hanging basket so out it goes.

I don't have a lot of weeds this week, thank God, so it's just hand-pulling the little buggers out, mostly just grass sprouts.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was talking about cymbidium cultivation, I mentioned you could tell the flowers were done blooming when the center lip turned red. Above, is an example of this. Some of the earlier cyms are starting to die back now.

I also planted a few more lettuce, corn, and squash seeds because I really wasn't happy with the poor germination on those plants, plus some critters are eating some of my seedlings. Guess I'm going to have to deal with that some way too.

I have this unused spot to put a dripper for a hanging basket so I ordered some cherry tomatoes today and will plant them in a basket here when they arrive.

I do my bi-weekly fertilizing and plant some feverfew around the front rose garden to try to dissuade the bugs from eating them.

Last chore is to fill in the potted plants where the mix is degrading. I simply grab a big bag of Gromulch...

...and fill in to the top of the container. Now our bougainvilleas...and other container plants...have a topping of fresh, nutritious mix to start their season.

Happy Spring, everybody!

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