Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey, Bud...Haven't Seen You In Awhile

Sometimes I surprise even myself. Just as I predicted last week, our grape vine had bud break this week. Got that netting on just in the nick of time.

Grape vines are the deadest of dead looking plants with they go dormant for winter. If you don't know better, you'll think you've lost it. Reminds me of the last scene of that great wine movie, "A Walk in The Clouds," when, after the vineyard burns, the hated son-in-law redeems himself to his wife's father by finding the green cambium under the burnt skin of the vine.

It's always a pleasure to see the brilliant new green leaves of the grape vine when it starts another year's worth of growth.

In addition, our plumeria is also pushing new growth out of the end of its branches.  Won't be long before we'll have those lovely, fragrant blossoms sprouting out of these plants.

That means our short little winter is really over.

With the warmth, it's also time to put our phaleanopsis orchid back on the outdoor bench. On the left is what is was looking like in December, when it started showing signs of cold-shock. Every leaf with even a tinge of yellow was lost. The two big leaves on the right are the two tiny leaves in the center of the picture on the left. Everything else is new growth.

We're looking forward to seeing how this plant does in 2013 too.

I meant to post this picture with the bougainvillea pics from last week but better late than never. Our red bougainvillea is really showing off this week. I think it's time to trim a little of the dead wood off of it.

Finally, I did a severe pruning of the camellia in the hardest to reach corner. If you're asking as my wife did, it's because I don't want to prune this one again for a looooong time.

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