Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Work, Work, Work, Work...Work!

It's chore time for the Cheapskate...

Trying to put the finishing touches on my overwintering chores today, starting with mowing the lawn, then moving on to finishing covering up my new rose garden barrier with river rock.

Next up, I've got to move those pots out of the way so I can prepare that space to be another garden bed.

I've dug up and tilled the ground, now I'm putting in a couple cubic feet of Kellogg's Amend to give it a little kick start.

All done, now this will become the cornfield portion of this year's vegetable garden.

Next, the plants are really starting to take off as you can see with the front yard roses that I pruned a couple of weeks ago.

Time to give these fast awakening plants their first feeding of the season.

Finally, inspect the garden and see what I can find. Oh...look...the dendrobiums are in bud!


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