Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter's Last Gasp...the Final Harvest

We pretty much have two gardening seasons here. Spring/Summer...where it's mostly vegetables and herbs...and Fall/Winter, when we get citrus and chiles.


The cold is getting to those pepper plants so I'll pluck off the rest of the fruit and cut back the plants so they don't have to work so hard during these cold months. Hopefully, they'll come back with an even better crop next year.

Our "citrus grove" consists of three dwarf trees growing on the west side of our house. The Meyer lemon, you see above, a tangelo tree, and the Cara Cara navel orange tree you see below.

The orange tree is already budding so I'll remove the last two fruit and let it go.

Here it is, our final harvest for winter 2013...I think I'll take those chiles and use it for a steak and pasta dinner recipe I'm coming up with.

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