Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On The Farm with The Cheapskate

It's time to start this year's vegetable garden. Each year, I learn from the last year's harvest. For instance, I learned that growing carrots wasn't worth the hassle when I can get a one pound bag of clean, peeled carrots from my local grocery store for $1.29, so this year, carrots will not be in the garden.

I did find that bell peppers do exceptionally well and are very tasty right off the vine, so we're doubling our planting this year.

First, my wife and I decide what will go in the garden this year. Tomatoes, as always, but this year we're trying some heirloom varieties we harvested from tomatoes we bought at the farmers market. Two varieties of corn, sweet onions - always a delight to grow and eat, radish - new to us- as is the lettuce we're planting, zucchini, summer squash, and basil.

My wife found this starter greenhouse last year (you can buy one at the link below - thanks in advance for helping the Cheapskate out) and it worked very well so we'll be using it again this year.

The Jiffy Greenhouse comes pre-packed with 72 peat pellets.

After watering the pellets, they expand like a sponge.  I drill a hole in each one with a pencil.

Put a seed or two in each hole, then tamp down with the pencil.

I make a Word file so I can keep track of what I planted in each row of the greenhouse.

Next, I take it outside and water in the seeds.

Put on the cover, set it next to the house to stay warm, and then just let it run its course. 

In about a month, we should have plenty of plants ready to transplant. Since each one is in it's own self-contained peat pellet, all I do is stick that pellet in the ground and it's done.  Takes about ten seconds per plant.

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  1. These little jiffy pellets seem like such a good idea, space saving and not as messy! I'll have a look for some.