Sunday, November 4, 2012

Indian Summer Puttering in the Garden

November 3...80 degrees. 

The plants are loving this late season heat. Julie Newmar even put out one, last small bloom.

I removed all of our tomatoes but something made me leave this plant in and just cut it back. Glad I did. It's coming back and I'm hoping for another crop of tomatoes by Christmas.

While the season is ending for a big part of our garden, other parts are just coming into season. I needed to put a stake of the buds of this cymbidium that will be blooming soon so it won't break off.

You can't see them all in this picture but my wife and I counted five spikes on this cymbidium. Hoping they all survive.

Here's some more cymbidium buds clinging tight to the sprinkler.

The hot chiles are ripening. They go from green, to dark purple, to red.

Here's one that's already to go.

Our citrus "grove" is also doing well. Here, the Cara Cara navels are slowing going from green to orange.

The Meyer lemons are almost there.


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