Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Serenade...

It's the Day of Rest and we're enjoying the fruits of our labors. Garden chores were pretty much limited to mowing the lawn this week. Here's what's happening in our garden today. Mr. Lincoln (above) is giving us one final show before shutting down for winter.

As is Moonstone, not one of my favorite roses but it's looking pretty good today.

The bougainvillea is giving us great splashes of color.

Our hot chiles are loaded with flowers.  Hope to have a lot of spice in our lives soon.

Some can't wait and are ready now.


Helping in our goal of having something to eat out of our garden year round, our little citrus grove is getting closer to harvest too. 

The Meyer lemons are starting to show their colors... are our tangelos.

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  1. Nice finding your Blog today. I have a bougainvillea that I just brought into the house for the Winter. This is the 14th year I have saved it over the Winter. Here on the shores of Lake MIchigan it would never survive if it stayed outside. The lake is a wonderful backdrop to the gardens but it still get too cold. Hope to see you soon. Jack

  2. Thanks, Jack. I grow mine in containers to keep them from getting out of control, which will be the theme of another post soon. Do they get shocked when you move them indoors?

  3. I envy you most your bougainvillea and lemons. We are just a zone or so too far north, though I could overwinter them in a greenhouse if I had one. I also admire your roses. I can tell you are having some lovely, sunny days!