Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Sex Please...We're Gardeners: Easy Plant Propagation

Yes, we're talking about reproduction here but not of the sexual variety. Gardeners have been cloning plants for centuries. It's a great way to preserve a highly prized specimen. It's also a way to give a friend your prized plants without giving them your plant.


There are many ways of asexual plant propagation, or cloning. Some are hard and some are easy. 

Let's start with easy.

Succelent plants are probably easiest plants to reproduce by cloning. You can just find a good one you like and pop off a couple of leaves.

Put in a small pot of mix, bottom down, water in, and put in a shady place.  Water every few days.

In a couple of weeks, the leaflets will sprout roots and you'll have a perfect copy of the mother plant.

Other plants that are easy to reproduce are plumeria, where we just stick a broken branch in the ground. It roots and next summer we have flowers...

...and euphorbia which, just like the plumeria, sprouts very easily when a cut branch is just stuck in the ground.

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