Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Waiting to Go Postal...Taming a Gorgeous Plant that Just Wants to Eat Your House

Bougainvilleas are gorgeous plants. They bring a touch of the islands to your home and are seen throughout the world climbing over tropical ruins (like above), swallowing them up in a riot of color.

That's the doesn't take but a moment of inattention and they will go wildly out of control. Not far from where I live, the largest of these plants in the United States has established itself over three blocks of residential Glendora, California.

Still, they can be grown and kept under control in containers. I get a lot of compliments from my bougainvilleas...I have four different varieties with four different colors...but I keep a short leash on them.

Originally, I just planted like I did every other plant and then I noticed they will root right through the drain holes in the pot.  Not good...that's how they escape.

My solution was to get plastic pots without drain holes and drill holes in the side of the pot for drainage instead of the bottom to keep the roots contained.

We now have some very beautiful, well mannered bougainvilleas adding tons of color to the Cheapskate's patio.

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  1. Great idea on drilling holes in the sides of the plastic pot! I have often wished bougainvillea was hardy here. I had no idea it could be rampant. Sounds a bit like the lovely wisteria that grows around here.