Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Color in Sunny Southern California

What's blooming in the Cheapskate's garden? Well, this Calibrachoa that my wife put in a hanging basket is pretty spectacular right now.

The roses are going through their last bloom of the season. Here's Mr. Lincoln.


Some generic yellow rose without a tag that we picked up a a local market.

Angel Face.

On other fronts, the cymbidiums are starting to spike. Counted around half a dozen today.

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  1. Mr Lincoln looks lovely, angel face has a nice fragrance too, you have some nice roses in your garden.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I wish you could see the first bloom in spring. Now, the plants are a little played out and the flowers aren't as good as when they first bloomed. Cymbidiums are just around the corner, though!

  3. Some pretty roses! I really like that Angel Face. My roses are blooming again as well - I always forget just how nicely they smell!