Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tomatoes, Onions, and Oranges...Oh My! This Week's Chores

Our tomatoes look like they're about at the end of the line. Good plants...they've given us about 20-30 pounds of delicious harvest this year. So do I pull them out now?

Here's what I harvested just now before starting...along with a couple of pearl onions that spontaneously grew in the onion plot that I harvested months ago. Not one to waste anything, I'll add all this to a salsa later. I have some good peppers to use, too.

Well, the weather's still hot. Around 100 today and it won't really get cold here in Southern California for a couple of more months.

How about instead of cutting them down, I just cut them back and see if they grow another crop?  As my friend Max Arteaga might say "Why Not!"

Also today, I notice that some of my cara cara navel oranges are splitting. Hopefully, the rest of the fruit on this primadonna of a plant will make it to harvest time in December.  I always have a hard time getting a good crop off of it...last year it was about 16 very delicious oranges. It is a dwarf plant.

Finishing off today's chores with mowing my sun-scorched lawn and sweeping the patio.

Happy gardening!

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