Monday, September 24, 2012

Herbal Essence

Not much to do in the garden this week except to relax and enjoy it a bit. I'll have some more work to do next week.

Today, I'll give you a tour of my wife's herb garden. Not really a specific garden...we just grow them wherever they fit. Above is some basil, which is always good on pizza and pasta.

Speaking of pizza, we've got a couple of plants of oregano which also adds some good flavor to my salsa.

Here's some mint in bloom. Good with tea and a prime ingredient of albondigas.

Marjoram and another oregano on side...

...and thyme on the other.

We'll spice things up with some hot peppers, which are just starting to come in.


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  1. Nice visiting your Blog this evening. Basil is one of my favorite. Goes on anything and everything - except maybe breakfast foods and ice cram, well maybe that too!

  2. Thanks for the visit. My wife uses the basil on almost everything. I use garlic chives (which I covered on another post),oregano, and chile peppers the most.