Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now That's a Tomato!

So, I picked up these two sweet things at the farmer's market today.Why am I showing you what I bought at the market on a gardening blog?

These dog days of late summer are when we're more into harvesting than actual gardening in our vegetable garden. Tomatoes do real well here, this year we grew Big Red and Boxcar Willie varieties and have been enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Here, take a look at these two big tomatoes on our vine...

Anyway, we may be harvesting but I'm also thinking about next year's crop. 

I want to go a little bolder, and I think these heirloom varieties I got at the market would be great. I know they'll be great on a sandwich, in a sauce, or whatever we do with them, but the real reason I got them is to scoop the seeds out and will save them to plant next year.


Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

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