Sunday, August 19, 2012

Carrots...Are They Worth It?

This is the second year we tried to grow carrots. They're not hard, until it comes to harvest time.  Not real easy to know when they're ripe and the roots tend to tangle in themselves.

Carrots are a great food. Very nutritious, easy to cook, and tasty. When kids try veggies, this is one of them that they usually end up liking.

So is it worth it? Maybe is you have more room than us. On our tiny plot of land, the carrots tend to get crowded. When you pick them, there is a lot of cleaning to do...after all, the edible part is covered with dirt.

You need to take off the crown and wash the bejeebus out of them.  If you get nice and straight carrots, can easily peel them with a potato peeler. If they get all tangled up with each other, like ours do, there's not much a peeler can to. You also end up with a lot of trash.

This is about 1/3 of our harvest this year. After spending a lot of effort to clean the last of our crop, I ran it through a food processor and will freeze it so we can use it whenever we need it.

Delicious things but thinking of the work, the water, and the fertilizer that went into this...and then seeing a bag of clean, peeled, baby carrots at the store about four times as big as this for $1.26...I'm going to say it's not worth it for us to keep carrots in our garden.

Live and learn, not every crop is going to be for you.

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